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Relays & Timers

Relays & Timers

Designed with attention to every detail, IDEC relays and timers go the extra mile in performance and dependability. IDEC produces a wide selection of  Interface, Power, Solid State and PCB mount Relays to fit your application requirements. Over the years IDEC has introduced many new innovations to its family of relays. Thanks to technological advances and creative engineering, our relays have continued to set a new standard as we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Global approvals and acceptance only prove how IDEC has made every effort to make its relays the best. Our vision to surpass our competitors in consistency, reliability and quality in the global market has become a reality.

Relays (16)

IDEC is an established and well-known industrial relay manufacturer. For many decades IDEC has supplied the widest selection of relays in the market. Designed with attention to every detail, IDEC relays are manufactured to ensure precision and quality. Either din-rail, panel or PCB mounted, we have the relays that work for your applications.

Solid State Relays (2)

Unlike electromechanical relays, solid state relays are electronic switching devices and have no moving parts. The solid state relays provide reliable switching in general applications and fast switching speeds. Since there are no moving parts, the life expectancy of a solid state relay is much improved compared to electromechanical relays.

Sockets (15)

Our sockets are available in screw, cage-clamp, and push-in termination type. Each socket is designed to work with IDEC timers and relays, but will work equally well with any fitting component.

Timers (5)
IDEC offers several varieties of multi-range and multi-function timers, with many different models in each series. Choose the right timer based on your timing function, time range, contact configuration and socket needs.